Framework-free, no-build websites: how far can they take you in 2021?

I recently came across a series of articles by Daniel Kehoe introducing The Stackless Way, an optimistic take on web development that proposes we “use the platform” (modern features built into the language) instead of frameworks and build tools that keep getting replaced every few years.

It was good timing…

A selection of real search queries, and what they can teach us about designing for developers.

A screenshot of Google’s search page.

Most of what developers do day to day involves lookups of one kind or another online: referencing documentation, choosing frameworks, investigating errors, checking keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Since online search is such an integral part of our work, it can act as a rich source of data about development practices…

I love Dropbox, but I was never a fan of having to keep my files inside that “magic folder” of theirs. The home directory is where my top-level directory structure should be rooted to, whether I want something in the cloud or not.

The solution — symbolic links. I was…

People are listing wonderful, surprising, and surprisingly wonderful items on their Stacks. While this is a joy to explore, keeping up with the curation of this flood of content has become somewhat of a race against time. Tom started the week by hunting down the right colours and URLs for…

Elise Hein

I’m a designer and software engineer building products for medical research at London-based Ctrl Group.

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